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Lessons from Ordinary. Business and life learning from everyday objects and common questions.
The best fireworks photo I ever took!

The Backstory

Summer. Heat. Travel. No school. Cook outs. Camping. Celebrations. There is always more things to do in the summer than there is time to accomplish them. The photographable moments in the summer are no different. Nature and people have a way of being awe-inspiring.

Fourth of July celebrations encompass all of those elements together… heat, travel, cook outs, camping, and celebrations. Most places have some kind of Independence Day celebration, and it brings out the best in people and those that love it here.

The Object

“Egg-cellent” question! I was fortunate growing up to have a group of friends that enjoyed camping out in the woods. Even though we had tents and not our campers we have today, we often came prepared with luxurious things like nice chairs, food, and lights. Cell phones… didn’t exist yet.

The best meal I’ve had over a campfire was steak and eggs for breakfast.

Yep, steak AND eggs.

No skimping out on quality! My friends and I were on a trip to Mammoth Caves, Kentucky, and we base-camped at a nearby park.

Observatory Park, Montville, Ohio — Geauga Park District, Certified Dark Sky Park

Things that are truly awe-inspiring are things that are our human minds cannot comprehend… the concepts are nearly unbelievable.

Being in awe of the night sky when looking up at a clear night from home is one thing, but looking up at a clear night sky while inside a certified Dark Sky Park is mind-blowing. What we experienced on July 17, 2020 with a perfectly clear night in Montville, Ohio near the Great Lake Erie was truly a once in a lifetime (many lifetimes in-fact) experience.

The Location

I have fun planning our camping locations and scouting new places we can explore…

Me and Dr. Dyer, 2003.

This is another tough question, because so many people have made a difference in my career path and life journey, but there is one person that helped shape my career by taking a chance on me and helping me figure it out that I would like to thank again… Dr. Barbara Dyer.

Dr. Dyer was a professor at Ohio University, and during graduate school, I was not sure where to take my more dedicated study. So, she took me under her wing and crafted an independent study course that would serve as my “major” for my MBA degree.

What she…

Chair in the old boiler room.

The Backstory

I currently work in a building on the National Registry of Historical Places that used to be a factory. It was built in the 1920s and is built so sturdy out of brick, concrete, and iron that it could be considered a fortress.

I was on the team that renovated the building into a modern, open office facility, so I have the opportunity to manage all of its nooks and crannies… including the basement.

Many people find it really creepy… it’s dark, unpainted in most areas, and full of old stuff never removed. …

2018… Kiiera and Karlli’s hands in mine.

What a tough question! I like a lot of photos for lots of different reasons, but the one where I took a photo of each of your hands over mine is one of my favorite and best.

Kiiera was 8 years old, and Karlli was 5 years old, and the photo captures you growing up, being protected, and a moment that will never happen again.

The feeling of your hands in mine instills a feeling of pride, but also sadness and excitement, as you will grow up from my little girls to adults. …

What defines a major news story is relative, especially for a kid. I was around 9–10 years old, going into the 5th grade, when I heard about Operation Desert Shield and then Desert Storm.

It was the Gulf War in Iraq and Kuwait where the United States fought in the middle east to protect various interests. I’m not sure I really understood what was happening at the time, but I do recall feeling the sentiment of patriotism and surrounding support for our troops.

School Rally

I remember in 5th grade, the school district called for an all-schools assembly to honor and communicate…

Driving. And Driving. And Driving.

What a great and awkward question! But, it’s definitely a fun one to ask. I haven’t been on too many dates… you could say I was picky. Yes, let’s go with that ;-), and there is one that tops the list of awkwardness.

I was in high school, and I went to church youth group where this girl asked me to go to homecoming with her. We didn’t go to the same school, i.e. different school districts. Of course, I said I would go, because who would turn down a girl asking you to go to a school dance!


I used to work in a space exactly like this. Never again.

There are many great reasons to stay in a job, but there are many reasons to leave a job for your next adventure. I wrote about them in my Lesson from a Step Ladder story, where I use the analogy of trading a current ladder for a bigger one, when you reach the top of the one you’re on.

HOWEVER, there is an angle I didn’t touch on in that story though…
what does it FEEL like to quit or voluntarily leave a job.

Honestly, it usually goes one of two ways:

1) It’s bittersweet

You feel a bit of happy with a…

I was “lucky” enough to get this in a fortune cookie. This sums up so many things.

The Backstory

I started writing short articles in 2015 to help expand my creative writing ability, share my stories, and develop a legacy of thoughtful content. I wrote about my outcomes and revelations after writing 25 stories in the first year, where I learned the benefits of writing.

I was on a roll! It felt great, and I was able to professionally grow in ways I was hoping to. I was even referencing stories I wrote in presentations and team building exercises. I found my rhythm and advanced my personal brand through content publishing.

Then, after almost 3 years and 54 stories…

Shaun Holloway

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